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E-mail: info@mawjtasweer.com

Media Buying

Mawj Tasweer Advertising Company’s Media Buying department with very experience and professional team offers the following services;
Media Booking
Media Planning
Media scheduling
Top channel identification
Media market awareness
Media Relation
Best possible rates & deals
Strong negotiation power
Media Monitoring Service

The monitoring department has extensive background in the media monitoring services. The team worked for different companies in the past.
Mawj Tasweer Monitoring has the capacity of tracking both, satellite and non-satellite (terrestrial) TV & radio channels. It provides 100% accurate reports because not only the team is very professional and experienced but also they are Afghans and have full command on local languages (as almost all of the advertisements are in local languages). Physical presence of the company in Kabul gives the advantage of delivering the reports on time and arrangement of time to time meetings with the clients. Mawj Tasweer Monitoring Company keeps all the recordings stored on DVDs at least for 4 – 6 months, in case of controversies with medias and/or if needed for any other purposes the recordings can be provided in 24 hours maximum -to be used as proof of performance. 
Mawj Tasweer Monitoring agency also takes care of the print media monitoring/tracking, but here we will be talking merely about TV & Radio.